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Access Arrangements Assessment

This assessment is specifically tailored to help schools provide the necessary evidence to support access arrangement applications to examination boards.

The assessment format will not be a full diagnostic test, but will focus directly upon the needs of the individual in order to gain the correct arrangements.

Depending on needs of the student, the assessment may involve tests of:

  • literacy attainment
  • speed or processing
  • memory
  • writing skills
  • visual processing skills

The assessment includes a short summary of test scores and recommendations for suitable access arrangements. If required, the JCQ form 8 can be completed for the school.

It is not a prerequisite for students who have the Access Arrangements Assessment to have had a previous full diagnostic assessment. At schools, groups of students can be assessed together on one day.

Some tests can be carried out in a group setting with subsequent tests being carried out individually.

Review for Access Arrangements

The Examinations Boards (Joint Council for Qualifications) require that Access Arrangements must be reviewed as a student progresses through school.

This briefer assessment is designed for those students who have had a previous assessment with an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher and need an update on their need for access arrangements in examinations.

If required, the JCQ form 8 can be completed for the school.