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"Once again, I would like to thank you for such an excellent conference. Lots of ideas to enable differentiation but the best thing was that for the first INSET ever on this topic I could see some simple things that I could do which will help everyone quickly and which can be built on over time."
Peter - Highfield School, Liphook

"Speakers were excellent and handouts really useful. Probably the best inset day I've been on."
Lynn B - Secondary SENCo

"Thank you as always, great presenters."
Cindy R - TA

"An excellent day. Knowledgeable, entertaining speakers with realistic explanations and useful tips for the classroom."
Karen P - Primary Classroom Teacher

"It has offered me some new strategies to use within my classroom and reinforce some of the ideas and approaches I am already using."
Susan T - Primary Classroom Teacher

"Will certainly help with planning and supporting pupils with learning difficulties."
Sarah W – Secondary SENCo

"Fantastic presentation, good fun as well being very interesting."
Sheryl W - TA

"The quality of the educational assessments were excellent. They were clearly and succinctly written which enabled staff to gain a clear picture of the students' strengths and weaknesses. The recommendations for support were practical, useful and have been very successful in helping to support the students."
Carolyn B - Secondary School SENCo